Rheumatologists Rank 2nd in Physician Burnout

Rheumatologists Rank 2nd in Physician Burnout

The 2021 Medscape Survey on Physician burnout ranks rheumatology second, just behind Critical Care medicine.

The survey included over 12,000 physicians from 20 specialties. While 42% of MDs claimed to be burnt-out, Rheumatologists claimed this 50% of the time. The top 3 this year were Critical care (51%), Rheumatology (50%) and infectious disease (49%).

Reasons for burnout included: too many bureaucratic tasks, too many work hours, lack of respect (Rodney Dangerfield, the rheumatologist) and insufficient compensation.

In an accompanying Lifestyle survey, 10% of MDs were unhappy or somewhat unhappy with their profession. The survey also reviewed MD happiness, wellness, exercise, self-care, body weight, work-life balance, alcohol use, internet use and marriage. Rheumatologist were among the 4 lowest in marriage happiness at 48%. Anxiety about their future, rheumatologists were the highest at 14%.

One limitation of the report was that rheumatologists only made up 1% of the survey sample. Moreover, data were collected from August to November 2020, and the effects of COVID cannot be determined.


‘Death by 1000 Cuts’: Medscape National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report 2021